Epidemiologist / Medical Scientist Resume Format

Epidemiologist / Medical Scientist Resume Format

An Epidemiologist or a Medical Scientist is a public health expert who promotes ideal health conditions while taking measures to mitigate public health-related risks.

This article walks you through step by step how to write a job-winning epidemiologist resume to impress your employer, without leaving any important information out. Also, you can now download a Free Epidemiologist CV template from below.

Epidemiologist/ Medical Scientist Resume Format

Given below is a sample CV format for a Medical Scientist/ Epidemiologist.

Epidemiologist resume format example

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1. Add personal details appropriately

Your personal details section should contain your name (First name and Last name), contactable telephone number, email, a LinkedIn profile link (optional - check here to learn how to add a LinkedIn profile to your resume properly), and also your address (optional). Also, any professional, online portfolios that you have can be linked in this section.

2. Write a proper professional summary or objective statement

If you're an experienced epidemiologist:

You can write a professional summary. A professional summary is vital to convey to the reader of your resume that you possess the competencies, experience, relevant education qualifications, and expertise to best fit the job, highlighting your key achievements in previous jobs.

If you're a fresh graduate:

Add an objective statement that elaborates on the value that you can add to the company, and how the position will benefit you, such as finding a challenging environment to grow professionally.

Check out the example of an epidemiologist resume summary statement below.

Summary statement - example

3. Epidemiologist work history

In the professional history section of your CV, add the entries in reverse chronological order starting from the most recent ones. Also, under each entry, include a list of primary duties that you carried on.

If you're a well-experienced epidemiologist:
If this is the case, add the most recent positions you've held, and be precise and brief when adding duties for the reason of keeping your medical scientist resume within the ideal length, which is two pages maximum.

If you're new, or with less experienced:
In this case, try to include any other related experience, that conveys relevant skills that epidemiologists should have such as data analysis, communication skills, etc.

However, in every case, you need to add the following fields under each entry.

  • Title of your position
  • Employer, City/ Country
  • Duration of employment
  • Key Responsibilities

Check out the example of the work history of an epidemiologist curriculum vitae below.

Epidemiologist CV - Work history example

Also, when adding work history records, try to embed relevant keywords, because if your application goes through an Applicant Tracking System known as ATS, then these keywords help you be shortlisted by the ATS.

Some keywords that can be used in a Medical Scientist Resume:

  • Outbreak Investigation
  • Data Analysis
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Public Health
  • Study Design
  • Infectious Disease
  • Epidemiological Research
  • Health Promotion
  • Risk Assessment
  • Health Policy
  • Biostatistics
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Environmental Epidemiology
  • Public Health Interventions
  • Epidemiologic Methods
  • Health Education
  • Chronic Disease Epidemiology
  • Data Visualization

Make sure to use these keywords as appropriate to what you have already done in your job role. Also, now you can check if your Epidemiologist CV contains any favorable keywords, and if no keywords are found, the tool below suggests what can be included in your resume to serve positively in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Also, while writing your job duties, use proper action verbs/ power words to convey the right and precise meaning. At the same time, avoid using buzzwords or cliches to appear non-professional as they reduce the quality of your CV.

Scan your CV using our buzzword scanner below and replace them with better alternatives.

4. Skills of Epidemiologist/ Medical Scientist Resume

Skills Examples

The next most important section of your epidemiologist CV is the skills that you possess. In this section add the most relevant skills that can enhance your profile. Here, you can add industry-specific skills as well as other soft skills essential to your role. Check out some of the skills that can be included in an Epidemiologist CV/ Medical Scientist CV.

Subject Specific Skills

  • Statistical Proficiency: Here, your background in statistical methods and data analysis tools can be emphasized. (e.g., SAS, R, STATA).
  • Study Design: This skill mainly focuses on your ability to design and implement epidemiological studies to investigate health-related issues.
  • Surveillance Techniques: This elaborates your ability to disease surveillance and monitor health trends in populations.
  • Outbreak Investigation: Showcases your ability to conduct thorough investigations during disease outbreaks and implement control measures.
  • Public Health Knowledge: Understanding of public health principles and the broader context in which epidemiological work takes place.
  • Spatial Analysis: This skill focuses on GIS and spatial analysis tools to explore geographical patterns in health data.
  • Biostatistics: Conveys your competency in the application of statistical methods specific to biological and health-related data.
  • Epidemiologic Methods: Exposes your ability to deal with epidemiological study designs and methodologies.
  • Environmental Epidemiology: Conveys your expertise in understanding the impact of environmental factors on health outcomes.
  • Chronic Disease Epidemiology: Conveys your specialized knowledge in the epidemiology of chronic diseases.

Other important skills

  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Data Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Health Promotion
  • Health Policy Understanding
  • Data Visualization
  • Ethical Conduct

5. Education history of Epidemiologist/ Medical Scientist

In the educational background, having a Master's degree is quite common for an epidemiologist and much expected. Also, if you possess a relevant doctorate, your chances are pretty high. In your education qualification section, add the field of study, title of your qualification, awarded university/ college, and graduated year/ duration as depicted in the image below.

Education history Example

6. Add Certification

When it comes to certifications, you can add ones that are directly relevant to your job as well as the ones that can convey relevant skills. Some of the common areas of certifications that are applicable for an epidemiologist are,

  • Certification in public health
  • Certification in clinical research
  • Certification in infection control
Certification and Professional Membership - Example

Also, you can add any professional memberships that you possess in the relevant field, as depicted under Professional Membership in the example above.

Apart from the above sections, you can add the following sections too if you still have enough space remaining in your one-page resume. (Or a maximum of two pages when with a long employment history)

  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Languages you speak (Compulsory if you apply for an offshore position)

Also, make sure to include a custom-written cover letter for the company you apply for. Here's our cover letter guide on how to write a cover letter successfully.

Formatting Tips for Epidemiologist Resume

  1. An ideal resume is one page long, however, in the case of a long history of employment it can be two pages long. Check out our comprehensive guide on how long should a resume be.
  2. Use a professional color that is not too flashy as the theme color of your resume. Here's a comprehensive guide on the best resume colors to ace your resume design.
  3. Use margins appropriately. In the most common case, 1 inch per side.
  4. For other formatting tips, check out our best resume format tips article.

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