The Ultimate Physician's Assistant Resume Template

The Ultimate Physician's Assistant Resume Template

The role of physician assistant is one of the fast-growing jobs at present. There are even separate programs for the training of Physician Assistants therefore a physician assistant resume is essential for those applying for the Physician Assistant position. And we know how to guide you to create the best resume for you with examples in this article.  

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Format for Physician's Assistant Resume

here are many resume formats that you can choose from, but the best format and the one hiring managers are most familiar with is the reverse-chronological format. For that reason, you should try to use reverse-chronological for your resume as well.  

What to include in a resume

There are certain key details that need to be added to your resume.  Below is a template that you can follow.

Best example for a resume

Contact details

Your contact details are always an important part of your resume because they allow hiring managers to get in touch with you. You should include your name, email address, telephone number and mailing address in city/state format. You can also include a link to a professional account such as Linkedin if you wish.  

Resume Objective

A resume objective is a short statement or even two or three short sentences that summarize your experience and career objectives. Try including keywords that were found in the job listing as that will help you to pass ATS screening.  

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Work Experience

Your experience with patients or your familiarity with the work is demonstrated through your work experience. That’s why it’s important that you only mention all relevant work experience in this section. You should include your position, the organization you worked for, the years you worked and key professional achievements during that time. It’s always better if the achievements are in point form and quantifiable as well.  


Your education is an important part of your resume. There are special college programs for physician assistant’s so that qualification could help boost your resume. You should mention your qualification, the university where you studied and the number of years you studied. If you are a recent graduate, you can also include your GPA if it is a high number or specific courses that are mentioned in the listing.  


There are several skills that are required for a successful physician’s assistant. You should include a mixture of hard and soft skills to show that you are a well-rounded professional. Avoid buzzwords that will negatively impact your resume as well. 

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You need a physician assistant certification before you can start working as one but there are also additional certifications that you can get as well. This section is essential for your resume.  

You can also add several other sections as well, like awards or languages.

Now that you know how to make your Physician Assistant resume, check our career guide’s blog for more essential resume tips or our resume samples page for more important tips and tricks.