Engineering Manager Resume Format | Complete Guide

Engineering Manager Resume Format | Complete Guide

An engineering manager is expected to have relevant technical and exceptional soft skills such as communication, team management, etc. The first and foremost step that you should take is to go through the job vacancy and the job description thoroughly to determine what is expected of you. Next, you can make your resume tailored to the job requirements. It's important to customize your resume according to each job you apply for because employers' focuses can be different. For example, one employer focuses more on your relevant work experience, whereas another focuses on your technical skills and soft skills.

After you have determined the expectations of the employer you apply for, follow our Engineering Manager Resume guide here closely to create that job-winning resume!

Engineering Manager Resume Format

Below is a sample Engineering manager curriculum vitae that you can closely refer to. Then, let's discuss how to customize each section of the following resume to match your requirements.

Engineering manager CV example

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Write a powerful resume header section

Usually, the resume header and the personal information go together in modern resume layouts. Based on the layout you choose, you can either add the resume header on the top margin, left margin, or even in the right margin as depicted in the image below.

Include the following details in the resume header section.

  • Your name (First Name and the Last Name would do)
  • Job Title
  • A mobile number
  • Professional email address
  • Place of residence; City and Country (Full address is not required)
  • Your LinkedIn profile link (If updated)
Left or right aligned header section - Example
Header in top margin - Example

How to write a Professional Summary in an Engineering Manager CV?

A professional summary statement is important in any CV for it briefs your suitability to work in the role in a few lines. When writing the summary statement of your Engineering Manager resume, pay attention to the following key points.

  • Highlight your experience
  • Emphasize on the skills that you possess that are required by the employer
  • Include measurable achievements if any
  • Make it precise and brief
  • Don't use buzzwords/ boastful language

Check out a sample Engineering Manager summary statement below.

Summary statement - Example

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Write a strong work experience section

This can be challenging unless you know the expectations of the recruiting managers in general. One of the most common mistakes in resumes is listing out a set of very general duties you performed under employment records. You should understand that the recruitment managers are aware of the general duties of an Engineering manager. So, the ideal approach is when you list your job duties and be very specific as to what you did such as by including numbers, specific technologies, and so on. Check out the example below.

work experience - example

You can see how the above job duties are measurable and very specific.

In each record of your employment add,

  • Designation
  • Duration
  • Name of the employer
  • A few key, specific duties

Also, when adding the employment records add the directly relevant ones and the records that can convey your skills that are required by the employer. Do not include any irrelevant employment records in your Engineering Manager CV.

Skills in Engineering Manager CV

Skills play an important part in your Engineer Manager resume. Especially, make sure to include technical skills that you possess that the employer expects. Customizing your skills section according to the job you apply for is important. Even if you possess skills outside of the technical expectations of the employer, it's better not to include them because many employers prefer people who are experts in a specific field rather than them appearing to be all-rounders.

Apart from the technical skills, list soft skills that make it a competent Engineering Manager such as,

  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Project Management
  • Process Optimization
  • Problem-Solving
  • Communication
Skills Example

These skills also serve as keywords in your resume. Keywords help you if your resume goes through an Applicants Tracking System (ATS). If your CV is to be short-listed, make sure to embed relevant keywords for the position you are applying for.

Now you can use our keyword scanner tool below to track relevant keywords in your Engineering Manager resume.

How to write the Education History Section?

The education section of your Engineering Manager curriculum vitae can be pretty much similar in format to any other resume. However, read the job description carefully to check the requirements, as some Engineering Manager jobs require not only a related bachelor's degree but also a Master's degree. Also in some cases, they may require you to have a specific bachelor's degree that they look for.

In the education history entries add the following:

  • Name of the qualification
  • Name of the college/ University
  • Graduated Year

If you're a fresh graduate who is seeking an entry-level position,

  • Add the main subject areas
  • GPA/ Final Grade

Check out the example below.

Education Entry Example

What certifications should I include?

When including certifications, you should consider the following two things.

  • The certifications are relevant for the job you are applying for and it either reflects your technical skills or soft skills required by the job.
  • The certifications are up to date.

When adding certifications, add the title of it, the awarding body, and the awarded year.

Also, apart from the certifications, you can add any professional memberships that are relevant to the role you apply for.

Check out the image for an example record of certification as well as some example memberships that are applicable for an Engineering Manager CV.

Certification and Membership examples

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More Tips

  1. Include a customized cover letter, following the best practices on how to write a successful cover letter.
  2. Format your CV properly with professional resume fonts, ideal resume colors, etc. Check more resume tips here.
  3. Proofread your resume and the cover letter a few times to make sure that there are no grammar or formatting errors.

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