Human Resource (HR) Executive Cover Letter Example

Human Resource (HR) Executive Cover Letter Example

HR Executives' major role is to hire the best talents into their organization and satisfy the existing employees. They are mostly responsible for human resource functions in an organization. So, as you are going to apply for a very responsible job, you as an HR candidate should be brilliant personnel with a brilliant human resource executive cover letter to win the job.

Sample Human Resource (HR) Executive Cover Letter

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HR Executive Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Patrick Blanton,
Thunder Rd, San Jose,
CA, 95134.

Whitney Markey,
Hiring Manager,
Midwest HR LLC,
CA, 76102.

RG: Application for the position of HR Executive

Dear Whitney,

I would like to apply for the position of human resource executive at Midwest HR, LLC and I am writing this letter to show my sincere interest to join your company immediately. With my 5+ years of management experience, necessary skills and qualifications, I am sure that I will be a great choice for you to appoint me as an HR executive in your organization.

In my previous employment, I was able to make employees feel comfortable and motivated them to work hard which resulted in increasing the efficiency of employees by 15%. As an individual, I have the most required skills for an HR executive not only strong analytical skills, problem-solving skills and decision-making skills, but also empathy. I am a college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration which made me think I am a great and qualified candidate for the position. And also I am highly skilled in ERP payroll software and HR management systems such as Bitrix24, Conrep and BizMerlin.

I guarantee myself as a diligent and focused individual with attention-to-detail and strong verbal and written communication skills. If I get this opportunity it will be a milestone in my life to work in a well-renowned company like yours, which was once a dream of mine. If you feel like I am the one who you are looking for, please feel free to contact me at any time in the day at 556-97-1234 via phone or at via email.

In the end, I would like to thank you for the time and consideration, and I hope to meet you to explain in detail what I have to offer more for your company’s success.


Patrick Blanton.

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Human Resource (HR) Executive Cover Letter Tips

You must have good knowledge of writing cover letters as you are going to apply for an HR position. And also, if you don’t have an impressive cover letter specifically targeted to the HR Executive job, you will be in danger of losing your job opportunity. So it’s always important to know great cover letter tips that can be helpful to make your job search a success. Here are the most important tips to make your HR cover letter stand out from the crowd.

Tip #01 – Address to the right person and the right company

Addressing the wrong person when writing a cover letter will be a serious issue. Therefore, you need to address the cover letter to the exact person who will read it.  You may find the name of that person by contacting the company, or by research.

Tip #02 – Start with an enthusiasm

Show your passion and excitement for being an HR executive in the company by showing your knowledge of that company and the work environment. Tell the recruiter by providing some proof that you have done the company research. By this way, you can let the recruiter feels that you are a passionate candidate.

Tip #03 – Prove yourself as a best HR Executive

It’s great to tailor your cover letter specifically to the job advertisement. What you can do for this is personalize the cover letter with keywords and key phrases from the job description. Then also try to mention specific skills to your cover letter so you can use your expertise to impress the recruitment manager. Here’s the list of skills most in demand for an HR executive role.

  • Accountability skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Performance management
  • Presentation skills
  • Project management skills
  • Time management skills
  • Familiarity with Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

Tip #04 – Use Action Verbs in your Human Resource Executive Cover Letter

When you write your job description with the key accomplishments don’t forget to start those with some powerful action verbs. And you must be wise enough to place the correct action verb in the right place. Further, you can make your cover letter stand out by quantifying your performances and results. This is one of the best ways to impress a typical recruiter. Here is the best set of action verbs which you can use in an HR executive cover letter.

  • Assisted
  • Conducted
  • Coordinated
  • Facilitated
  • Handled
  • Hired
  • Interviewed
  • Maintained
  • Managed
  • Oversaw
  • Recruited
  • Served

Tip #05 – Grab the recruiter’s attention with a great postscript

Many of the candidates do not include a postscript in their cover letter, even though it is a brilliant hack. Postscript is a brief paragraph that you should write at the bottom of your cover letter. That may be something which increases your value or else something about you can give the employer in return for having you the job.

The aim of writing a postscript is to draw the recruiter’s interest in us. As far as hiring professionals are interested in reading this, there is a higher possibility of getting a successful job sooner for applicants than for others who do not have a postscript in the cover letter.

Tip #06 – Choose a professional font

When you apply for a Human Resource Executive position, you can submit your cover letter while retaining your professionalism. So always create your cover letter with one of the suggested resume fonts like Calibri, Lato, Open Sans are some of the best fonts that can be used in your cover letter.

Though now you have a full understanding of how to write a perfect cover letter, it is equally important to know how to craft a perfect resume. for an HR executive position.

Download Free HR Executive Cover Letters

Find the available free templates and download Gdoc, Word (docx) or PDF files for free.

Template 1

HR executive cover letter sample template 1

Template 2

HR executive cover letter sample template 2

Template 3

HR executive cover letter sample template 3

Template 4

HR executive cover letter sample template 4

Template 5

HR executive cover letter sample template 5

Now you know how to make a perfect cover letter for an HR Executive job. Now it’s your turn to learn the expert cover letter tips. and shorten your job search cycle.

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