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Resume Builder

Cresuma has a resume builder that creates your job winning resume quickly, easily and ATS friendly. Select your desired country, choose from the templates gallery the perfect resume template and begin your resume. There are industry related job descriptions available inside.

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Custom Cover Letter

A good cover letter means the perfect and shortest explanation of yours to the recruiter apart from your resume. So, to get the fullest attraction of the recruiter, a cover letter must have certain points to cover. Talk to our experts and a perfect cover letter will be yours

Buzzword Checker

Writing a resume on your own is a tought task. Specially when choosing the words that must include and that must not include in a resume. Cresuma has a resume Buzzword Checker for you to fill up this need and to write your own resume or cover letter.

Resume Keyword finder

Selecting the best keywords to your resume to make it ATS friendly and to grab the recuiter attention is a challenge. But Cresuma has it's own Resume Keyword Finder that you can find best keywords according your industry.


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