Privacy Policy

The Cresuma Company (hereinafter referred as We, Us on the official site) are deeply committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of customers (hereinafter referred to as customer/s, user, you and your on the official site). Customers will be defined as the ones who have made a payment to us for a certain service/s that we are providing on our site. Our privacy policy will acknowledge you with all the details related to your personal data and how we use them and for what purposes.

However, please keep in mind that in order to use our services, or access to our website, tools or services you must be over the age of 18 years and be in the legal capacity to enter into a contract. Also please note that we may update this privacy policy time to time in order to ensure the quality and the services we offer you and especially to inform you how we protect your personal data. Therefore, we request you to read this policy in the “privacy policy” section regularly and note any changes accordingly as unawareness will not be regarded as an excuse.

Personal Data

Personal data is any information that helps any party or anyone identify you individually or that could be used to identify you separately (eg. Your email address, your contact number, postal address, name and surname, date of birth, etc.) and other information from your IP address.


Your anonymous data may be used for the purposes of monitoring and enhancing the general performance and the experience of our site and social media. And, that is to ensure a quality and enhanced experience to you with the content offering and to provide you tailored advertising.

How Privacy Policy applies to External Links provided

On our site and blog, we may provide you third party links to other sites and blogs or any other platform to better serve you with knowledge and information. And this is for information sharing purposes only and is never a recommendation or a request to subscribe for their services or whatsoever.

Also please note that they, being third party sites, that are not operated by us, it’s something that you will need to consult them in the case of any privacy issue. Meaning, we are not responsible for any action you take on their website, log, apps, tools or giving your personal information provided to them by you.

Information provided to us from third parties

If you provide us your details from third parties such as when creating a Cover Letter or a CV/Resume for a third party you agree that you have informed the third party of your requirement/purpose to them and let us have your permission to use your personal data information for the purpose.

Information provided to us from third parties

  • Payment gateway/payment service provider/credit card/debit card service offering companies This may include for the purposes such as verifying payment details, transferring money for services you purchase, record your payment status etc.
  • Legal advisors when a claim is presented related to the services we offer you
  • Technology service providers that integrate tech tools for our services, host our sites, and information systems.
  • Partners/ suppliers or service providers which offer us advertising services such as email campaign tools, email services, CRM systems, social media marketing campaign management tools etc.

How do we protect your data

Only a few of the team, who need access to personal data for official matters and services are given access/permission to review details and their accounts are password protected.

We have taken measures to keep our staff informed of the privacy policy we maintain and acknowledge the consequences that shall occur to them due to any exposure of personal data of the customers or used other than for official purposes.

We have taken reasonable measures to ensure that our staff is trained and maintain integrity and ethical practises all the time.

Your personal passwords you set at the time of your signing up,are never saved in our systems for privacy purposes. Meaning, we become never aware of the password you used/use.

Your credit/debit card details will never be saved in our systems.

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