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Why do you need a good resume?

In the current job market, employers inevitably expect a good resume. Simply they want to see everything about you on just a piece of paper. The way you present your information in the resume decides whether to shortlist or drop off. That’s why it is imperative to have a super resume

Present yourself as an achiever
Present yourself as an achiever

A perfect resume quantifies achievements and helps you standout. Hiring managers need to hire candidates with achievements, not the ones who performed job duties only.

Find a great job faster
Find a great job faster

A good resume gets you more interviews. More interviews mean more job opportunities. A highly professional resume can claim a job 32% faster than other ordinary resumes.

Have a lucrative career
Have a lucrative career

Having a superior resume means you can easily convince the recruiters that you are the right person for the job. That will help you get a job that is highly paid.

Why Cresuma to building a winning resume?

Cresuma helps you create a full professional ATS Friendly Resume with
different unique formats for different countries in a fast and a perfect way.
According to the ‘resume rules’ and with what job recruiters or hiring managers look for at first glance.

Fast and Easy to use
Fast, Easy & Free

Build your professional CV and download pdf in less than 10 mins in a way that recruiters will want to hire you.

Countrywise Resume Formats
Countrywise Formats

Customise your resume according to the country. Select the country of the job available & create the resume in country’s format.

Download as a PDF
Download as PDF (Free)

You can create your resume, access online and download PDF resume for Free and print in minutes.

ATS Friendly Templates
ATS Friendly Templates

All resume templates are ATS friendly.So that you don’t have to fear that yours will be rejected by the ATS resume bots.

How to use Cresuma to build your job winning resume in minutes?
It’s Super Easy

Get the right resume format to edit
Get the right resume format to edit

You will have to first enter the location of the job you are going to apply for. Because, the software will then be able to bring you the most recommended resume template or the resume format for you to edit which is used in that country. For example, if you insert UAE, the software will bring you the UAE resume formats for you to edit. This enhances the chance of your resume being picked by recruiters.

Choose a free resume template

You have a library of resume templates to choose from. Before choosing a template, make sure you have a good understanding of the job, field, and organization you are applying for, and choose an appropriate resume template. After selecting a resume template you will be taken to the resume builder app. (you can change the template later if needed.)

Choose a free resume template
Easily edit online
Easily edit online

Cresuma resume builder platform will provide you an environment to create your winning resume with a lot of fun. This resume builder does not confuse you as other online resume builders do. It has an easy flow. Just like a simple form-filling process.Try creating yours. It's pain-free to build a professional resume with us.

Add additional sections (if required)

Most resume builders do not provide you the facility to add custom sections. If they exist most probably it will come as a premium feature. But here at Cresuma, you are free to add additional sections such as “voluntary work” etc. without any limitation to your resume.

Add additional sections (if required)
See the live preview of your resume
See the live preview of your resume

You can instantly see the changes you make in your resume in real-time right on the right side of the app. Also, since the section you are editing is highlighted, you will not miss any information to enter into your resume.

Download the resume and get hired faster

In the end, if you are satisfied with your resume, you can download your finalized document in PDF format with a simple click. Once you downloaded your resume you can use it to apply to thousands of job postings. We guarantee that you will get more job opportunities than ever before with the resume you make through the Cresuma resume builder. It will let you to become an employee quickly in 2022.

Download the resume and get hired faster

Create a professional winning resume in minutes

Just type or paste in the boxes, and Cresuma will build the resume for you


Where to begin?

First of all, please check if any of the following questions brings “Yes” to you

  • I am about to write my first resume. But I don’t know how to write a winning resume.
  • I am an experienced professional and I need a good resume to impress the employers.
  • I don’t have the necessary tools and software to create a resume.
  • I don’t have enough skills to design/format a resume.

If you found “yes” to any of the above

You have only 3 options to choose:

#01 Do it yourself

It’s great if you can make your own resume by yourself. But to do that you need to have a good knowledge in resume writing. If you don’t know how to write a resume into the standards, we can recommend our Cresuma Career Advice Blog as the best source of knowledge to learn. But even if your resume content is well made, when it comes to the formatting and designing part, you definitely need to have designing skills and dedicated software as well.

#02 Hire a professional resume writer

If you think of hiring a resume writing expert to write your resume, that is a really good decision and it is also a very successful method. Yes, it is a bit expensive. However, getting the help of an experienced resume writer is like investing in yourself and your career. But when you choose a resume writing expert, make sure you choose the right person so that you don’t fall prey to fraudsters. Otherwise it will be a big waste of time and money.

#03 Online resume builder

If you have the confidence that you can create your own resume content, the best way to get a professional resume is to use an online resume builder. Most online resume builders will definitely guide you through how to write a resume. The special thing is that you don’t need any design skills or other software for this. Online resume builders are available to you for free as well as paid services. So be sure to choose the Best Resume Builder that suits your needs.

You don’t need to be a designer to have a great resume

Worrying about the format and design of your resume? Assign that responsibility to Cresuma and feel the difference.

Choose the Best Template

onyx Template
pikachu Template
gengar Template
castform Template
glalie Template

Recheck before you submit your Resume

Buzzwords on your resume will harm your chances of being hired. Therefore, Avoid them.

Cresuma Buzzword Checker helps you spot if you have any of them on your resume.
Simply Upload Resume or Type in any Word to Check

Cresuma Buzzword Checker helps you spot if you have any of buzzwords on your resume.

-End of the image-

What’s more about Cresuma?

Cresuma is not just a resume builder. Cresuma helps you to create your professional resume with new templates in a few easy steps.

  • Professional multi-format resume templates
  • CV Optimization and ATS Friendliness
  • Get foreign country resume formats just by selecting the country
  • Tips and Feedback to improve your Contents
  • Your data is private and secure
  • Increases the chance of getting your CV picked by 80%

Success Stories

Windy Selsa
The online Cresuma app helped me have a perfect resume created within just a few mins. Thank you all team.
Sean Brooks
Cresuma, your tool helped me a lot to save my time and have a good CV done in PDF format. I didn't have to worry with MS word. Thanks.
Create your professional resume and
Increase your chances of getting hired by world’s biggest companies
mckinsey & company
Delta Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions

A good resume template is designed to pass the Application Tracking System. If you didn’t pick the right format, you made a big mistake and it will never bring you opportunities. Be careful when you’re choosing resume formats for different jobs.
Chronological resume. This seems to be the most popular and the preferred format as this type usually has an objective and /professional summary and a good listing of your experience and achievements in a chronological order.
Application Tracking System (ATS) is used to scan resumes of relevant keywords in your resume and select the most suitable resumes for certain job roles. If your resume is not optimized with right keywords or not formatted properly, there is a high chance your CV/Resume will not be picked for the interview. This system is currently used by over 75% recruiters.
Yes. Obviously you have to update your resume with your new skills, experience and achievements. All the while you do update such, you will have to consider your resume’s layout too. This primarily depends on the job vacancy and the industry you are applying for. For instance, if you are shifting your job or the industry, you will have to customize your resume accordingly.
Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Verdana, Garamond, Didot and Times New Roman are considered as the best fonts for a resume.
It’s 10-12px

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