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Fast and Easy to use
Fast and Easy to use

Build your professional CV in less than 10 mins in a way that recruiters will want to hire you.

FREE Resume Builder
FREE Resume Builder

Cresuma Resume Builder will create an effective & professional ATS friendly resume for FREE.

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Download as PDF (Free)

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ATS Friendly Templates
ATS Friendly Templates

You can use any template you want with confidence. Because all are ATS friendly.

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Cresuma is not just a resume builder. Cresuma helps you to create your professional resume with new templates in a few easy steps.

  • Professional multi-format resume templates
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Windy Selsa
The online Cresuma app helped me have a perfect resume created within just a few mins. Thank you all team.
Sean Brooks
Cresuma, your tool helped me a lot to save my time and have a good CV done in PDF format. I didn't have to worry with MS word. Thanks.
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mckinsey & company
Delta Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions

A good resume template is designed to pass the Application Tracking System. If you didn’t pick the right format, you made a big mistake and it will never bring you opportunities. Be careful when you’re choosing resume formats for different jobs.
Chronological resume. This seems to be the most popular and the preferred format as this type usually has an objective and /professional summary and a good listing of your experience and achievements in a chronological order.
Application Tracking System (ATS) is used to scan resumes of relevant keywords in your resume and select the most suitable resumes for certain job roles. If your resume is not optimized with right keywords or not formatted properly, there is a high chance your CV/Resume will not be picked for the interview. This system is currently used by over 75% recruiters.
Yes. Obviously you have to update your resume with your new skills, experience and achievements. All the while you do update such, you will have to consider your resume’s layout too. This primarily depends on the job vacancy and the industry you are applying for. For instance, if you are shifting your job or the industry, you will have to customize your resume accordingly.
Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Verdana, Garamond, Didot and Times New Roman are considered as the best fonts for a resume.
It’s 10-12px

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