Health Information Manager Resume Sample

Health Information Manager Resume Sample

Here's a complete guide on how to write a Healthcare Information Manager CV in the best possible light to secure that ideal job of yours!

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Health Information Management Resume Template

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What is the right Health Information Manager resume format?

Choosing the right layout/ format depends on your background. If you are an experienced and fulfilled healthcare information manager (HIM), then you should give a greater emphasis on your work experience. For example, in such a case, add the work experience section right below the resume objective/ summary.

Secondly, if you are a fresh graduate in the field or with not much relevant experience as a health information manager, then your main focus in the resume should be on the relevant academic qualification. So if this is the case, add your academic history right below the resume objective.

Overall, the components of your health information manager CV are listed below.

  • Personal Details
  • Summary/ Objective
  • Work History
  • Academic History
  • Skills
  • Professional Memberships
  • Relevant Certifications

In a resume such as Healthcare Information Manager (HIM), adding fields such as hobbies/ interests is optional. If you have enough spare space you can add them, but don't stress too much on such fields.

Write a proper resume summary or resume objective

An ideal resume summary is brief, yet highlights your key competencies. Also, if you can make your summary measurable, then it's a plus point to stand out from the competition. A powerful summary is vital as the word is that only about 6 seconds will be spent in general by a hiring manager in each CV to determine whether to move on or not. Check out the example below.


If you are unable to include measurable achievements if you are a fresh graduate, try to convey clearly how can you benefit the organization as an HIM using your competencies.

Work History in Health Information Manager (HIM) CV

Start with the most recent entry and move down from there which is known as the reverse-chronological order. Also, make sure to add the most important few responsibilities you held during your employment under each position of your HIM resume. While doing so, make sure that your resume length doesn't exceed one page, or in the worst-case 2 pages.

Each employment record of your resume should contain your designation, the name of the employer, city/ country, duration of your employment, and a list of key duties as depicted below.

work history-image

Also, the employment section is the best place to embed keywords in your Healthcare Information Manager CV. Adding keywords is important if your application goes through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Check out some of the keywords highlighted below that you can add to the work history section.


You can also determine the keywords from the job description of the vacancy advert. We have made keyword tracking easy for you. You can now use our resume keyword scanner below to track keywords in your HIM CV and optimize it for better chances.

Another one of the most important things to do is to identify buzzwords/ cliches in your Health Information Manager curriculum vitae and remove them. Buzzwords are too ambiguous words such as 'thoroughly' that don't necessarily add precise meaning. Also, exaggerated language comes under buzzword.

If you are not sure what buzzwords are or if your CV has them, you can now use our Buzzword Scanner tool below to determine them and replace them with better words.

How to add academic history to a Healthcare Information Management Resume?

Even the entry-level positions of HIM require a Bachelor's degree in the field, whereas high-level positions require a Master's and in some cases even a PhD. In the education section, add your highest relevant academic qualifications, and move from there. Add the qualification name, awarding body, and awarded year to each entry.

If you're a fresh graduate, you can add major areas of studies and any core achievements under each entry to enhance the credibility of your HIM CV. Check out an example of an academic entry below.


Skills in Health Information Management

Adding skills to your resume is very important in two aspects. First, you can show the employer the areas that you are competent in. Secondly, these subject-specific skills can act as keywords, which serves positively in ATS scanning.

When it comes to the Healthcare Information Manager skills, you can add industry-specific skills as well as other general, yet applicable skills as denoted below.

Some industry-specific skills

  • Health Information Systems Management
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Expertise
  • ICD-10 and CPT Coding
  • Data Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Health Information Security
  • Quality Improvement Initiatives
  • Audit and Compliance Management
  • Health Information Technology Integration
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Data Privacy Advocacy

Some general skills for HIM

  • Team Leadership
  • Training and Development
  • Research
  • Billing
  • Continuous Learning
  • Strategic Planning

Add Membership and Relevant Certification

Many occupations in the health industry require certifications as well as membership apart from the key academic qualifications as depicted below. In some cases, the certifications in general fields can come in handy if you apply for a particular niche in Healthcare Information Management. If that's the case include such entries.


For both certifications and memberships, you can use the format below.

[Name of the certification/ membership], [Awarding body], [Awarded year/ month]

Other Top Tips

  1. Include a cover letter highlighting your key strengths, major achievements, etc. Here's a complete guide on how to write a successful cover letter.
  2. Format your CV with industry standards. The key concerns here are using proper margins, standard font styles and font sizes, maintaining the ideal length of your resume, and many more. Here's a complete guide on how to format your resume properly.
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