Finland Resume Format

Finland Resume Format

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Key considerations for Finland CV format:

  • You should draft your Finland CV in the same language as the job advertisement.
  • Choose the right Finland CV template.
  • Your CV should be tailored according to the CV format for Finland.
  • You should keep it clear and concise.
  • You should organize it with relevant information.
  • You should include the following details:
Personal Information Mandatory
Objective statement Optional
Work experience Mandatory
Additional scetions Optional
Education Mandatory
Skills Mandatory
Languages Mandatory
References Optional
Photograph Optional

Things to Include in Finland CV template

1. Personal information and contact information

  • Include - Full name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, LinkedIn URL
  • Avoid including - Age, Marital status

Things to remember:

  • It is good to add these details in the upper left corner of the Finnish CV.
  • Mention these details with clarity.

2.Objective statement

  • Add a summary of your skills, expertise, experiences and what will you bring to the table in your Finnish CV.

Things to remember:

  • Use a few sentences or a short paragraph: Include 2-3 your most specific skills and 2-3 achievements.
  • Customize it according to the job you are applying for.
  • Don’t include buzzwords that can make your CV ineffective. If you already have a CV, you can scan for irrelevant buzzwords using our buzz word checker.
  • Try to include industry-specific keywords that can help you get shortlisted by ATS (Application Tracking System).
  • Don’t worry where you can find those words. Use our key word finder to identify the specific terms related to the industry.

3.Work Experience

  • State your professional experience in reverse chronological order.
  • Include: Position, Company, Duration, Responsibilities, Achievements

Things to remember:

  • You can change the order depending on the job you are applying for.
For instance, you have most recent experience in HR, and you already have a Marketing experience with you. Now if you are applying for a marketing position you don’t need to put your order, based on the most recent one. In this situation, you can put your marketing experience at the top.
  • If you also have volunteering experience, modify the heading Experience and state those under this heading:

Volunteer Marketing Coordinator,
Helsinki Animal Shelter,

  • Avoid any part time job experiences not related to your current career path.

Work experience
Project Coordinator
Tech Solutions Ltd., New York
Oversaw daily operations, including coordinating meetings, handling communication, preparing reports, managing contracts, maintaining financial records, assisting in budget analysis, and performing diverse ad hoc responsibilities.

  • When describing your experience, include ATS(Application Tracking System) friendly keywords .


  • Provide an overview of your educational background in the reverse chronological order.


1. Name of the Degree/ Diploma/ Certification Courses

2.Name of the institution

3. Duration and relevant dates (E.g. Graduation date)

4. Achievements (E.g. Academic awards)

Things to remember:

  • You can change the order depending on the job you are applying for.
For an instance, you have recently completed HR Diploma, and you already have a Marketing degree. Now if you are applying for a marketing position you don’t need to put your education order, based on the most recent one. In this situation, you can put your marketing degree at the top.
  • Unless you are a fresh undergraduate, avoid including the Secondary education details.
  • If you have any international experience, make sure to highlight it. E.g. Took part in a student exchange program overseas.

05/2015 – 12/2018
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Stanford University
Specialization: Artificial Intelligence

Additional sections

  • Courses & Certification: Add courses and certifications related to the job and language courses.

Fundamentals of digital marketing Google Digital Garage

  • Publications: You can also add the publications related to your job.


  • Include relevant technical and soft skills using bullet points.

Things to remember:

  • Avoid including skills not related to the position.
  • Avoid lengthy descriptions and use graphics to state your proficiency.
  • Optimize the section with industry-specific key words used in the companies’ job descriptions.
Use our key word finder to learn more!
  • You can showcase your skills effectively by your completed projects.
  • If you are not from IT background, still you have IT skills, make sure to highlight it. Since IT is the current trend, it will be ad added advantage for you.
Software application Operating system
Social media platforms Hardware


  • Fluency in Finnish is a huge advantage for job applicants in Finland, especially in positions requiring customer interaction or knowledge of the Finnish language. Therefore, display your language proficiency in your Finland resume.

Things to remember:

  • You can use the below levels to show your proficiency:
  • You can also use graphics to show proficiency.

English: Moderate
Finnish: Native language


  • Include this section upon your recruiter’s request at the end of your Finnish CV.
According to Finnish law, potential employers may only contact individuals determined by the candidate. And they are not permitted to contact others, including current or former employers, without the candidate's approval. Also, if any unfavorable information is gained from a referee, the interviewer must address it with the job applicant before making any decisions.

Include: Name ,Position ,Contact details (Email address, Telephone number)

Things to remember:

  • Only mention these only it is required.
  • Ask permission before providing their details.
  • Additionally, add any short recommendation quote you got from your peers or managers.


* It is not mandatory to include photograph in Finland CV. If you wish, you can include a professional photo of you to make a good impression.

Things to remember:

  • Add your professional and recent photograph.
  • Avoid unprofessional photos. (Selfies or Wedding photos, candid)
  • Use a clear and quality headshot.
Finland CV photos

Additional tips for your Finland resume

  • If you are struggling to craft your own Finnish CV, build it free with us.
  • Proofread it before submitting it for a job.
  • Optimize it with ATS friendly keywords.
  • Improve it by removing unnecessary buzzwords.
  • Download your Finnish CV in PDF format and submit it.
  • Follow a proper naming format. E.g. <<, «first name-position name-CV».

You understood the important details in the Finland resume. Next, let's, make it more clear with a Finnish CV sample.

Finland Resume/CV Example

Finland CV Sample
Finally, this article shows you a clear picture of crafting a Finnish CV by explaining the CV format in Finland and the Finnish CV sample. Now have an overview of the dos and don’ts. With this idea, Now you can make your impressive Finland CV that can make you unique to stand out from the Finnish competitive job market.

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