DevOps Engineer Resume Complete Guide

DevOps Engineer Resume Complete Guide

DevOps Engineer is one of the most lucrative designations in the IT industry nowadays. To secure that ideal job with great pay, building an impeccable resume is the first key. This article covers how to write an impactful DevOps Engineer resume for both entry-level and senior-level individuals.

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DevOps Engineer Resume Format

Here's a complete DevOps Engineer CV Sample, that you can use as a guide to make yours. Also, we have discussed how to customize each section of the DevOps Engineer resume below to match with your requirements.

DevOps Engineer CV Sample

How to write an impactful summary?

Resume summary/ profile/ objective statement serves well for the 6-second rule. A recruiter will spend only about 6 seconds on average to scan a resume. So a poorly written resume summary can minimize your chances. Given below is an ideal resume summary for a DevOps Engineer resume for the reasons listed below.

DevOps Engineer Resume Summary

Why is this an impactful summary?

  • Highlights years of experience
  • Contains a specific set of competencies rather than too generic ones

How to write an impactful professional experience section?

Before writing this section, go through the job description thoroughly. Tailor making your resume specifically to the job description maximizes your chances of being called for the interview. Up on checking the job description, determine the areas of expertise they look for and highlight the relevant experience you have aligned with them.

For each entry indicate the,

  • Position/ designation you held
  • Name of the company
  • Duration of work
  • 4 - 6 key duties that you performed as a DevOps Engineer. While doing this try to add measurable entries as depicted in the sample image below.

Also, use the reverse chronological order where you add the most recent entries first and then move on.

work experience sample

Finally, when writing the duties you performed, avoid using buzzwords or cliches - simply put, the negative, boastful, or too generic language - as they impact negatively.

You can now scan your resume against the buzzwords using our buzzword scanner tool below.

Education History of DevOps Engineer Resume

To back up the claimed experience as well as skills, your educational background comes in handy in your resume. The reverse-chronological approach is preferable when adding educational qualifications starting with the most recent one. However, list only the relevant qualifications to back up your skills and competencies as a DevOps Engineer.

For each entry add,

  • The name of the qualification
  • Awarding body
  • Date of completion/ duration

However, if you're a fresh graduate applying for an entry-level DevOps Engineer position, you can include key academic achievements as well. Check out the example below.

Education Qualification Entry

DevOps Engineer Resume Skills

The skills section is vital for such technical roles because employers wish to see your technical competencies. However, while adding technical skills make sure to add the relevant skills required in the job description rather than listing every technical skill you have. It not only misuses the precious space in your resume but also, reflects you as a person with general expertise in many technical areas rather than a person with a specialized set of skills.

Secondly, it's better to add your expertise in using relevant tools in a technical role like this. You can have a separate tools section too. However, to save space you can add them next to relevant technical as depicted below.

skills sample

Finally, try to embed a few, of the most relevant soft skills in your DevOps Engineer resume as listed below.

  • Effective communication
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Adaptability
  • Time management and Prioritization

Another important aspect of adding relevant skills is that they serve as the keywords of your DevOps Engineer resume. Keywords enable the Applicant Tracking Systems - famously known as ATS - to track your resume as relevant.

Now you can scan your resume to see how powerful it is about relevant keywords using our Keyword Scanner tool below.

What are the other sections in the DevOps Engineer CV?

Apart from the key sections discussed above, you can add the following sections based on the given conditions.

  • Add a certification section if you have relevant certifications to the role as depicted in the image below.
DevOps Engineer Certifications
  • If you possess any industry-specific memberships, add them in a separate section.
  • Relevant publications/ projects if any as shown below.
Project Records
  • If you have further space, add your hobbies and interests that can reflect the soft skills that you've claimed above.

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Other Top Tips

  1. Format your DevOps Engineer resume properly. Use neutral colors (Here's a guide on how to choose colors on your resume), use proper font faces and sizes (11 - 12 pts for body texts, 14 pts for headers), and use margins and white space appropriately. Here's a complete guide on how to format your resume successfully in 2024.
  2. Do not extend your DevOps Engineer resume for more than pages.
  3. Add an impactful cover letter highlighting why you are a great candidate for the position. Here's a guide on how to write an impactful cover letter.

Now you can download a free DevOps Engineer Resume Template by submitting the brief form below.