The Best Resume Builders in 2024 (Complete Review with Features)

The Best Resume Builders in 2024 (Complete Review with Features)

We found the best resume builders on the Internet and deeply analyzed on them to create a fully detailed review on best resume builders in 2024. After you read our review on resume builders you will find which resume builder is the most suitable for making a perfect resume for yourself.

How we choose the Top 15 Best Resume Builders?

Actually, there are a number of good resume builders available on the internet. Each of them has pros as well as cons. So it is better to get a clear understanding of each resume builder and then you can decide what to choose for your purpose.

We identified the Top 15 resume builders which can find on the internet in 2024 and we did deep research on them by considering the qualities of a resume builder. So you don’t need to use all of them to choose the best one. Below you will see the detailed review of them and the specific features we can see on those resume builders. Our review on resume builder will help you to choose the best resume builders among others.

Best Resume Builders in 2024

Best Resume Builders Features and Reviews

01. Cresuma Resume Builder

Cresuma is a free career resource website that provides a set of free services like free resume builder, Custom Cover Letter Building, Buzzword Checker Tool, and a career blog with the latest resume tips. The primary tool offered by Cresuma is the resume builder which anyone can use to generate an ATS friendly resume in minutes. Let’s see why it is ranked #1 among the resume builders on the internet.

Cresuma resume builder offers you an array of ATS-friendly resume templates to choose from. And it only demands your typing in boxes without having to do technical alignments, graphic insertions and etc. To put it simple, even a person without any graphic, MS word, or technical knowledge could build his/her resume just in minutes.

Though most of the resume builders are free-to-use, all of them are not free when it comes to the final stage. Some can download the resume for free, but the resume is downloaded with their branding or watermark. To avoid those, you need to upgrade your account for a premium version. But Cresuma does not have any hidden costs like them. It’s a 100% free resume builder, which is very popular among the job seekers who are looking for free resume builders.

Cresuma online resume builder


  • Very easy to use. Just type in the boxes
  • You can choose the best template that suits your career or location (According to Country's format) of the job
  • Hassle free, simple and clean dashboard.
  • An array of resume templates to choose from
  • You can check for resume buzzwords that kill your resume and avoid them
  • ATS-Friendly.
  • Blog articles with tips and advice.
  • Can be downloaded in PDF.
  • Live preview is available.
  • Text editor with spell checker.


  • 100% Free

Other Information

  • Difficulty – VERY EASY
  • Cresuma Rating –4.6

02. Kickresume

Kickresume is a very easy-to-use resume builder and it is fun to use. It offers you a free resume builder as well as a premium.

But if you are an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) holder or an International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) holder, you will be having the opportunity to get the premium features for free.

kickresume resume builder

Free Features

  • Only 4 resume templates are available.
  • Limited customization.

Premium Features

  • 30+ resume templates.
  • 20+ cover letter templates.
  • Full access to customize templates.
  • Unlimited resumes and cover letters can be downloaded.
  • 20,000+ pre-written phrases.
  • Supports for multiple languages.
  • Real resume examples.


  • Free (Limited Features Only)
  • $19 per month (Monthly Subscription / Pay every month)
  • $12 per month (Quarterly Subscription / Pay $36 every 3 months)
  • $8 per month (Annual Subscription / Pay $96 every 12 months)

Other Information

  • Difficulty – VERY EASY
  • Cresuma Rating –3.7

03. Cultivated Culture

Cultivated Culture is a great free tool which you can use to build your resume.

Its eye-catching user interface and the ease of the resume-building process attracts many people to make their resume through Cultivated Culture Resume Builder.

According to our career professionals, Cultivated Culture is the Best Resume Builder so far in 2024, in all aspects.

cultivated culture resume builder


  • It’s 100% Free.
  • Very easy to use. Step-by-step guidelines are given.
  • 4 Resume Templates are available.
  • ATS-Friendly.
  • Tips and advice.
  • Full customization.
  • Can upload to Google Drive or export as PDF.


  • Absolutely 100% Free.

Other Information

  • Difficulty – VERY EASY
  • Cresuma Rating – 4.1


This is a great resume builder available on the internet. It is very easy-to-use for anyone. Fully customization of the resume available to the user absolutely for free. User first asked to add content such as profile, work experience, education, skills and many more. After adding the content user can format their resume by changing styles, layout, font, colours etc. provide a private shareable link for the resume you created, and you can collect feedback from others on your resume by privately sharing it among your friends. It is a great and unique option provided by which we can not usually see in other resume builders. resume builder


  • Auto-save option is available.
  • Free PDF download.
  • Generate a private shareable link to your resume.
  • Multiple resume versions.
  • Tips available.
  • 60+ Templates.


  • Some resume templates are too much fancy. You must be wise enough to choose a good template.


  • It is 100% free. But you can invite them for a coffee.

Other Information

  • Difficulty – VERY EASY
  • Cresuma Rating –3.2

05. Novorésumé

Novo Resume is a very good and fun-to-use resume builder as per the opinions of our career professionals.

It also has a free version as well as a pro version. Within the basic account, you can edit/create only one resume/CV in one language. You can upgrade your account to create up to 18 different versions and 3 extra language-sets.

novoresume resume builder

Free Features

  • One page resume.
  • Predefined layouts.
  • One resume can create.
  • Content Optimizer.
  • ATS-friendly.

Pro Features

  • 8 Professional templates.
  • Custom layouts.
  • Cover letter builder.
  • Can build the resume up to 3 pages.


  • $16.00 per month (Monthly Package)
  • $29.99 per month (Quarterly Package)
  • $89.99 per month (Yearly Package)

Other Information

  • Difficulty – EASY
  • Cresuma Rating – 4.0

06. My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume is actually a perfect resume builder. But unfortunately, it is not a free resume builder. Anyway, you can choose a resume template and create a new resume from the beginning or else if you already avail with a resume, My Perfect Resume will re-format it and fill in your information.

my perfect resume -  resume builder


  • 31 Resume Templates.
  • Download options available in Word, PDF and Text versions.
  • Can customize the resume theme colour.
  • Spell-checker is available.
  • Live preview option.


  • No free resume templates available.


  • 7-days full access – $2.95
  • Monthly access – $5.95

Other Information

  • Difficulty – EASY
  • Cresuma Rating – 3.4


Among the resume builders world we found a as one of the top resume builders available on the internet. This is a great platform to build your resume. But the sad thing is it is not free. You can design it for absolutely free. But at the end they will ask you to upgrade your account. Then only you can download the resume in PDF or DOCX. However if you can pay this resume builder can guarantee a quality output.

resumebuild resume and cv builder


  • Pre-written resume examples available.
  • 17 templates to choose.
  • Can customize the resume font family, font size and heading size.
  • Can add more sections.


  • Non availability of free resume template.


  • 7-day Full Access – $1.95
  • Monthly Access – $7.95

Other Information

  • Difficulty – VERY EASY
  • Cresuma Rating – 3.1

08. Cool Free CV

Cool Free CV is a completely free resume builder and it is considered as one of the easiest resume builders to use.

It is a very basic resume builder tool but liked by many of the users as it’s easiness and quickness.

cool free cv - cv generator


  • 9 free templates are available to choose.
  • Can download the templates in DOCX format. You can edit them later in your offline editor.
  • Your resume can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Very easy to build your resume. It’s quite like a form filling.


  • No preview option.


  • Absolutely 100% Free.

Other Information

  • Difficulty – VERY EASY
  • Cresuma Rating 2.9

09. EnhanCV

EnhanCV is an advanced resume builder among others, but fine. The resumes created with EnhanCV look more professional.

But in the free version of this, you can build only one resume. To make more you have to upgrade your account as a Pro. Then only you can build more resumes and you can have more features.

enhancv - cv builder

Free Features

  • 2 resume templates are available.
  • Content Analyzer.
  • ATS-Friendly.
  • Resume includes EnhanCV branding.

Pro Features

  • Resume without EnhanCV branding.
  • 4+ resume templates.
  • More customizing features (Colors, fonts etc)


  • Semi-Annual Package – $10.99 Per Month / $65.94 billed every 6 month.
  • Quarterly Package – $14.99 Per Month / $44.97 billed every 3 month.
  • Monthly Package – $19.99 Per Month / Billed once a month.

Other Information

  • Difficulty – EASY
  • Cresuma Rating – 4.1

10. Visual CV

Visual CV is a Free online resume builder tool with limited features. But if you upgrade it, you will get the full access to pro features.

When you make a resume by using the free version of Visual CV, the resume will be created with a Visual CV branding (banner) at the bottom of the resume. So you must definitely upgrade your account. Otherwise, your resume will get rejected in the recruiting process.

visualcv - cv builder

Free Features

  • Only 3 resume templates are available.
  • Limited Customization opportunities.
  • Every resume you create using the free version will come up with Visual CV branding.
  • Free Sign-up.

Pro Features

  • 15+ awesome resume templates are available to choose.
  • Unlimited PDF downloads.
  • Ability to export to MS Word.
  • Availability of cover letter templates.
  • No Visual CV branding on the resume.
  • Unlimited resumes you can build within the subscription period.
  • You can cancel your account at any time.


  • Free (Limited Features)
  • $12 per month (Quarterly Subscription)
  • $18 per month (Monthly Subscription)

Other Information

  • Difficulty – EASY
  • Cresuma Rating - 4.1

11. Zety

This is one of the giants in the resume industry. Zety is a well-renowned resume builder platform and used by 1000s of job seekers throughout the past decade. Zety is considered as one of the best resume builders which can be found on the internet.

But unfortunately, Zety is not a free tool. You can create a new resume from the beginning or else you will also be able to re-format your resume if you have one already.

So let’s look into the Zety resume builder and will discuss the features of it.

zety resume builder


  • Step-by-step guidelines are available.
  • Pre-written phrases.
  • 15+ templates.
  • Tips are available.


  • Not having a single free resume template.
  • There are 2 resume builders at Zety (Newer & Older). The user might get stuck when creating a resume.


  • $34.99 – 3-month premium (One-time payment)
  • $17.99 – per month (Cancel anytime)
  • $6.99 – per month (Cancel anytime)

Through the below image you can get a clear understanding about what you will get by the above packages.

zety pricing review

Other Information

Difficulty – MEDIUM
Cresuma Rating – 4.3

12. Indeed

This resume builder is still a beta version with fewer features. But Indeed gives you full access to these features for 100% free. As everyone knows Indeed is a world-renowned job portal. After you create the resume with Indeed resume builder you can use the resume directly to apply for any job on Indeed or else you can download it to your computer.

Indeed resume builder reviews and features


  • 8 templates.
  • Availability of key sections.
  • Can add custom sections.
  • Can reorder the sections.
  • Theme colour and resume font can be changed
  • PDF downloads.


  • It’s 100% free.

Other Information

  • Difficulty – MEDIUM
  • Cresuma Rating – 4.2

13. Resume Genius

Resume Genius looks like a free resume builder. However, it is not a free tool which you can use to build resumes. You will recognize it when you trying to download the created resume.

But Yes, it is great. Maybe it is a little bit harder to use. But you can make great resumes if you get unlimited access to all pro features.
Resume Genius offers a trial plan which is valid for 14 days and if you are not satisfied with the results they will refund the full amount.

resume genius resume builder


  • 17+ templates.
  • Multiple download options in pro version.
  • Unlimited resumes.
  • Cover letter builder.
  • ATS-friendly.
  • Job articles.
  • Resume review service.


  • Little bit harder to use.
  • No free templates.


  • $1.95 – 14 days Trial Plan
  • $7.95 – Monthly Plan

Other Information

  • Difficulty – Medium
  • Cresuma Rating – 4.3

14. is a 100% free resume builder tool which allows you to create a resume with their very basic, but professional templates. Let us look at the features of resume builder and how is it unique among others. resume builder


  • Provide step by step guidelines to build the resume.
  • 12 Templates are available.
  • Downloadable PDF/TXT formats.
  • Tips are available.
  • 100% free to use.


  • Can not insert a profile summary (which is a must).
  • All resume templates are look-alike.
  • Can not customize the design and colours etc.


  • Absolutely 100% FREE.

Other Information

  • Difficulty – MEDIUM
  • Cresuma Rating – 4.1

15. CV Maker (CVMKR)

CV Maker is a very basic resume builder according to our review experts. You can have some of the basic features for free and you have to pay to get more features such as more templates, advanced text editor etc.

cvmaker resume builder

Free Features

  • 6 Basic Templates are available.
  • Can add custom plain to your resume.
  • A basic text editor.
  • Downloadable formats – PDF / HTML / TXT

Premium Features

  • 4 Premium Templates are available.
  • Can add new sections.
  • Advanced text editor including choose fonts and text colour.
  • Ability to send the resume directly to an email.


  • Free (Very Basic Version)
  • $16 per year (Annual Subscription)

Other Information

  • Difficulty – MEDIUM
  • Cresuma Rating – 3.3

What is a Resume Builder?

Resume Builders are online tools basically software or applications which can use to build resumes with best resume tips. They consist of resume templates which provide you with the ability to customize and personalize them according to your preference.

Actually, a resume builder can not make a resume alone itself. But if we provide the necessary content, online resume builders can format and arrange the content nicely and ATS friendly. But a good online resume builder always facilitates you with the tips and guides. So, you will be able to make quality content for your resume.

Using a resume builder will definitely save you the valuable time as you do not need to design it. But the resume builder will do. And also it will save your money as it costs less money than we hire a professional resume writer. However, there are free resume builders are available too.

Professional Resume Writers vs Resume Builders

There are a lot of ways to create a resume. You can do it yourself, or else you can hire a professional resume writer.

But there are too many drawbacks of the two approaches listed above. That’s why it’s easier to use an online resume builder to develop your resume.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Professional Resume Writers and Online Resume Writers.

Pros of Online Resume Builder

  • No need of Designing Skills.
  • No need of Designing Software.
  • It saves your time and money.
  • A number of templates available you to choose.
  • ATS-Friendly.
  • Tips in resume writing.
  • Ability to Do-It-Yourself.

Pros of Professional Resume Writers

  • The content is always better when written by a skilled person than written by a non-skilled person.
  • ATS-Friendly.

Cons of Online Resume Builders

  • Some resume builders may be difficult to use.
  • Limited Flexibility.
  • Premium Features cost a lot.

Cons of Professional Resume Writers

  • The high Cost.

Qualities of a Good Resume Builder


Each organization is currently using the Applicant Tracking System to streamline its recruitment process. You have to beat the ATS to get on the shortlist. So online resume builders should have the facility to make ATS-friendly resumes.


A good resume builder is expected to cost less. Most builders are 100 % free, and others have a one-time charge, a subscription payment or a recurring payment. If the cost is lower, we will define it as a great resume maker.


The simplicity of a resume builder is an important consideration for a resume builder review. Because in some resume builders it is very complex to make a resume in a short time. In our review, we don’t recommend such resume builders as they confused users.


Availability of resume templates is one of the coolest features we can see in a resume builder. If there are more templates to choose from, we recommend that resume builder as a good one.

Spell & Grammar Checker

False spellings and grammar on your resume will have a serious impact on your career. Therefore, the availability of a spell and grammar checker on a resume builder is a pro factor for a resume builder.

Ready-made Content

If the resume builder provides predefined text, it is a positive feature of a good resume builder, because it can make it easy for the user to create a resume.

Additional Services

If a resume builder offers additional services to users, such as cover letter builder, buzzword checker, LinkedIn profile optimization service and resume analysis tools, etc., would probably be beneficial to users. So that all their career resources can be found under one roof.

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