Best in demand jobs in Canada 2024 with salaries

Best in demand jobs in Canada 2024 with salaries

Jobs and salaries have a significant role in our lives as those lead to answers for many of day to day lives problems. So people like to find a good job with a good wage to lead a comfortable life. Canada is among the best countries for jobs and has the best work life balance and today we will bring you some in demand jobs in Canada for 2024 with the wages, so that you can take an idea of the job market competition and job fluctuations. Only what you need is to find a LMIA job offer if you wish to migrate from somewhere else to Canada. Or just check whether if you need any LMIA condition to work with your visa status.

The Canadian job market is really challenging and subject to change with economic, social trends and industrial changes and the number of professionals residing in the country for the particular job. So understanding the demanding jobs would be beneficial for your career plan or migration plan in 2024. You may be on work permit in Canada or trying to get a work permit in Canada. or might be on Open work permit. What ever your condition is it is always best to know the job market.

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As of the pandemic situation, the job market trends have changed since 2020 and 2024 will also be reflected in those changes. So a high rise in health care and also in home deliveries and remote jobs are having a high demand these days in Canada. Still many employees work from home and the outings and gatherings are somewhat limited compared to normal times, home deliveries and related jobs are essential.

  • Health Care
  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • E-Commerce
  • Security
  • Construction

Talking of the technical side of these essential workers,

  1. Developer / software engineer
  2. IT project manager
  3. IT business analyst
  4. Database analyst
  5. Quality assurance analyst
  6. Security analysts & architects
  7. Business system analyst
  8. Network engineer

These jobs are in demand list for many provinces in Canada including Ottawa, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec etc.

So let’s talk of some common occupations that will be having a great deal in Canada’s economy in 2024.

  1. Electrical Engineer

As of the rise in automation and computer industry, electrical engineer’s job role has been crucial in almost all provinces.

Average salary of an electrical engineer is 72,891 CAD per year

  1. Saskatoon, SK     $91,031
  2. Vancouver, BC     $78,235
  3. Montréal, QC        $77,905
  4. Edmonton, AB      $77,812
  5. Calgary, AB           $76,044
  6. Burnaby, BC          $74,110
  7. Toronto, ON           $71,297
  8. Mississauga, ON   $68,195

2. Registered Nurse
As of the latest pandemic situation, nurses have been one of the high demand jobs in Canada (not only in Canada but in almost every country). So the trend will be continued in 2024 also with vaccinations and coordination of the public against the Covid 19.

Average salary of a Registered Nurse is 38.05 CAD per hour

  1. Edmonton, AB        $43.68
  2. Calgary, AB           $42.87
  3. London, ON           $36.71
  4. Mississauga, ON   $36.47
  5. Barrie, ON             $36.22
  6. Windsor, ON         $36.21
  7. Ottawa, ON           $35.65
  8. Kitchener, ON       $35.41

3. Network Administrator

As more remote work and also of high technical rise, network administrator’s role is a crucial role for maintaining the business properly.

Average salary of a Network Administrator is 64,838 CAD per year

  1. Montréal, QC     $76,936
  2. Vancouver, BC  $74,202
  3. Calgary, AB       $73,694
  4. Edmonton, AB     $73,435
  5. Mississauga, ON  $56,779
  6. Etobicoke, ON      $55,259
  7. Toronto, ON          $54,676
  8. Winnipeg, MB

4. Financial Advisor / Accounting professionals

Not only because of the pandemic but at any time, people need financial expert ideas for their investments, savings and for their financial planning. So job roles related to this field is a never ending adventure.

Average salary of a Financial Advisor is 59,007 CAD per year

  1. Mississauga, ON  $72,023
  2. Calgary, AB    $60,388
  3. Ottawa, ON       $59,218
  4. Toronto, ON      $58,971
  5. Oakville, ON      $58,018
  6. Edmonton, AB  $55,663
  7. Vancouver, BC  $54,884
  8. Montréal, QC     $52,300

5. Customer Service Representative

Because of the sudden increase in online sales and over the phone shopping, customer service or customer care representative's role has been crucial throughout the country in many companies.

Average salary of a Customer Service Representative is 16.80 CAD per hour

  1. Vancouver, BC  $18.16per hour
  2. Calgary, AB      $18.04 per hour
  3. Edmonton, AB $17.82 per hour
  4. Mississauga, ON $17.77 per hour
  5. Ottawa, ON    $17.08per hour
  6. Brampton, ON  $17.00 per hour
  7. Toronto, ON   $16.89 per hour
  8. London, ON  $16.71 per hour

6. Welder

With the skill shortage in specific skills like underwater welding and many other trade skills, the welding field will be an ideal occupation to go on.

Average salary of a Welder is 24.77 CAD per hour

  1. Fort McMurray, AB  $44.57 per hour
  2. Edmonton, AB         $31.46 per hour
  3. Nisku, AB                  $31.32 per hour
  4. Red Deer, AB          $29.19 per hour
  5. Calgary, AB            $28.58  per hour
  6. Saskatoon, SK       $26.30 per hour
  7. Hamilton, ON         $22.84 per hour
  8. Winnipeg, MB        $22.36 per hour

7. Accountant

The handling of money is essential for every big company and also other related tasks such as financial reporting, tax, budgeting etc. At the moment a skill shortage for accountants is in the market and will be a good opportunity for accountants throughout the world who look to migrate to Canada.

Average salary of a Accountant is 54,441 CAD per year

  1. Vancouver, BC   $62,090 per year
  2. Edmonton, AB   $60,178 per year
  3. Calgary, AB        $56,586 per year
  4. Burlington, ON  $56,417 per year
  5. Montréal, QC    $54,912 per year
  6. Toronto, ON     $54,007 per year
  7. Surrey, BC        $53,253 per year
  8. Brampton, ON $53,145 per year

8. Project Manager

A Project Manager is responsible for the whole project from the beginning and very much essential for any kind of project in any company whether it is IT , construction, administration or any other. So for a successful business, a project manager is a crucial role and is in demand now and in future as well.

Average salary of a Project Manager is 75,420 CAD per year

  1. Edmonton, AB  $87,342 per year
  2. Vancouver, BC $83,370 per year
  3. Mississauga, ON $81,620 per year
  4. Toronto, ON     $81,386 per year
  5. Calgary, AB       $80,395 per year
  6. Ottawa, ON       $76,362 per year
  7. Burnaby, BC      $76,196 per year
  8. Winnipeg, MB   $70,874 per year
project manager jobs in Canada
Project Manager jobs in Canada

9. Labourer

Due to ongoing shortage in unskilled labour, construction sites, farms and other worksites are demanded with labour jobs.

Average salary of a Labourer is 17.35 CAD per hour

  1. Calgary, AB       $18.88 per hour
  2. Edmonton, AB  $18.78 per hour
  3. London, ON      $17.88 per hour
  4. Hamilton, ON    $17.54 per hour
  5. Toronto, ON      $17.50 per hour
  6. Brantford, ON   $17.24 per hour
  7. Windsor, ON      $16.77 per hour
  8. Mississauga, ON $16.69 per hour

10. Sales Associate

Average salary of a Sales Associate is 15.08 CAD per hour

  1. Saskatoon, SK   $91,031 per year
  2. Vancouver, BC    $78,235  per year
  3. Montréal, QC       $77,905  per year
  4. Edmonton, AB  $77,812  per year
  5. Calgary, AB       $76,044 per year
  6. Burnaby, BC      $74,110 per year
  7. Toronto, ON  $71,297 per year
  8. Mississauga, ON  $68,195 per year

11. Administrative Assistant

Average salary of an Administrative Assistant is 20.49 CAD per hour

  1. Surrey, BC   $23.35 per hour
  2. Edmonton, AB   $22.07 per hour
  3. Vancouver, BC   $21.66  per hour
  4. Calgary, AB   $21.47  per hour
  5. Burnaby, BC  $20.73  per hour
  6. Ottawa, ON   $20.63 per hour
  7. Mississauga, ON  $19.92 per hour
  8. Toronto, ON   $19.70  per hour

12. Software Developer

Since the IT industry is in a never ending rise and also even in pandemics Software Engineers can work, this position  is always on Canada top jobs list 2024.

Average salary of a Software Developer is 76,021 CAD per year

  1. Mississauga, ON   $100,488  per year
  2. Vancouver, BC  $97,233  per year
  3. Toronto, ON  $84,404  per year
  4. Ottawa, ON  $83,158  per year
  5. Calgary, AB   $80,666  per year
  6. Waterloo, ON   $78,462  per year
  7. Montréal, QC   $77,140  per year
  8. Edmonton, AB   $73,796  per year

13. Merchandiser

Very important for retail environments. As long as there are products, there will be merchandisers. So this job has a good opportunity in 2024 as always.

Average salary of a Merchandiser is 16.65 CAD per hour

  1. Scarborough, ON  $17.46  per hour
  2. Mississauga, ON   $17.25  per hour
  3. Etobicoke, ON  $17.06  per hour
  4. London, ON   $16.99  per hour
  5. Calgary, AB  $16.79  per hour
  6. Brampton, ON   $16.58  per hour
  7. Ottawa, ON  $16.50  per hour
  8. Edmonton, AB  $16.47  per hour

14. Truck Driver

This position is very important in delivering goods for long distance destinations. So this is an essential role in logistics and supply chain management. Since online ordering is very ,uch popular these days this position is also in Canada top jobs list 2024.

Average salary of a Truck Driver is 23.42 CAD per hour

  1. Fort McMurray, AB $32.54  per hour
  2. Edmonton, AB  $26.17 per hour
  3. Calgary, AB  $24.70  per hour
  4. Brampton, ON  $23.13 per hour
  5. Cambridge, ON  $23.10  per hour
  6. Mississauga, ON  $22.73 per hour
  7. Ottawa, ON  $22.43 per hour
  8. Toronto, ON  $22.32  per hour

15. Human Resource Manager

A very important role which serves both employees and company at a promising level. So the whole HR team collaborates with administrative tasks and managing other HR related employees and working with both management and employees are some key tasks these HR managers dealt with. As with project managers, this HR manager role is very crucial in many businesses.

Average salary of a Human Resource Manager is 72,204 CAD per year

  1. Delta, BC  $99,553 per year
  2. Calgary, AB  $78,282 per year
  3. Toronto, ON $76,884 per year
  4. Ottawa, ON  $76,588 per year
  5. London, ON  $74,898 per year
  6. Montréal, QC  $74,128  per year
  7. Brampton, ON  $74,042  per year
  8. Mississauga, ON  $69,221  per year

*These numbers are subject to change and were at the time of writing this article in November 2023.

So these are some of the most in demand jobs in Canada for 2024 and you may plan your education, career or immigration processes accordingly. There are more fields related to these industries and choose wisely according to your personal tastes and passion. So do not fall for any scams which is going on with Canadian job offers and make sure to ask LMIA (Labour market impact assessment) certificate when ever you find a job from Canada.

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Good luck with your job hunt in Canada!