What are the Highest Paying Jobs ?

most demanding jobs in the world

Jobs, revenue, income all these matter when coming into a smooth life style. The dream job would be the ultimate goal and the ultimate answer to your long journey of education. So you all may need to know the best jobs or highest paying jobs in the world and obviously the reasons for these highest pay.

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The number one of the list is an easy guess for all of you. The best job industry is in the Technology field with the latest technical rises.

These best jobs have some things in common. These jobs are paid well, demands taking challenges, have to have a match between candidates' skills and the targets, less stress, have career growth and personal growth. So attracting this kind of a job or industry is not something to be taken aback.

According to many researches and reports such as Fundera, US News and many more, a list of 10 most in demand job industries 2023. And there are some countries which primarily look for people who have experience in these fields as well. They are usually the Best countries for job opportunities 2023. However, let's go further with the 10 most demand job industries below to get a further understanding.

  1. Technology
  2. Health
  3. Energy
  4. Media
  5. Consumer Retail
  6. Construction
  7. Hospitality
  8. Finance
  9. Real Estate
  10. Transportation

The base factors for this global employment industry sector report have been forecasted revenue, forecasted output and venture capital investment.

What are the highest paying jobs according to these industries (as determined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) and what would be the qualifications for these top careers? Let's discuss.

Highest paying job list 2023

Physician Assistant

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Physician Assistant

#1 - 100 Best Jobs

#1 - Best STEM jobs

STEM, which stands for Science, Technology,   Engineering and Math

#1 -Best Healthcare jobs

2. Software Developer

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Software Developer

#1 in Best Technology Jobs

#2 in 100 Best Jobs

#2 in Best STEM Jobs

3. Nurse Practitioner

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Nurse Practitioner

#2 in Best Healthcare Jobs

#3 in 100 Best Jobs

#3 in Best STEM Jobs

4. Medical and Health Services Manager  

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Medical and Health Services Manager 

#1 in Best Business Jobs

#4 in 100 Best Jobs

#4 in Best STEM Jobs

5. Physician        

physician jobs and cv featured image

#3 in Best Healthcare Jobs

#5 in 100 Best Jobs

#8 in Best paying Jobs

6. Statistician  

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#2 in Best Business Jobs

#5 in Best STEM Jobs

#8 in Best Jobs

7. Speech-Language Pathologist    

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Speech-Language Pathologist 

#4 in Best Healthcare Jobs

#7 in Best Jobs

8. Data Scientist  

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 Data Scientist 

#2 in Best Technology Jobs

#6 in Best STEM Jobs

#8 in Best Jobs

9. Dentist  

Dentist featured image cresuma

#5 in Best Healthcare Jobs

#7 in Best STEM Jobs

#9 in Best Jobs

#11 in Best Paying Jobs

10. Veterinarian

veterinarian jobs featured image

#6 in Best Healthcare Jobs

#10 in Best Jobs

11. Orthodontist

orthodontist jobs featured image

#5 in Best Paying Jobs

#7 in Best Healthcare Jobs

#8 in Best STEM Jobs

#11 in 100 Best Jobs

12. IT Manager      

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IT Manager

#3 in Best Technology Jobs

#13 in Best Paying Jobs

#9 in Best STEM Jobs

#12  in 100 Best Jobs

These are the top 12 of the most demanding jobs. The list is much longer than the above but this is just a glimpse. If you still think that rather being a doctor or an Engineer there are no good jobs in the world, now you might have seen that the world has changed a lot. There are so many opportunities out there in every field such as in Health Science, data science, financial technology, artificial intelligence, computers and information, software, Constructions, Research etc.

According to LinkedIn, there’s another list of job roles that are most demanding.

  1. Software Developer
  2. Sales Representative
  3. Project Manager
  4. IT Administrator
  5. Customer Service Specialist
  6. Digital Marketer
  7. IT Support/Help Desk
  8. Data Analyst
  9. Financial Analyst
  10. Graphic Designer

So as you can see, there’s so much you can choose from. All you need is your passion and to be skilled enough in this field. You can develop these skills even from Online. It is the most important thing these days. Nothing of these hurdles won’t stop you from being skilled enough once you are ready.

Below are the Industries with the largest Employment of the United states.



Employment 2019


Elementary and secondary schools; local



Local Government, Excluding Education and Hospitals



Full-Service Restaurants



General medical and surgical hospitals; private



General Merchandise Stores



Temporary Help Services



Grocery and specialty food stores



Offices of Physicians



Management of Companies and Enterprises



State Government, Excluding Education and Hospitals


So as you can see, the wide range of the number denotes that the job industries have opened up largely. All you need is to be skilled  enough to join this worthy labour force rather than staying in the patterned mindset of old careers.

LinkedIn has said that the jobs market is currently three times more competitive when compared to the same period last year.

Please note that these numbers might change day by day with the latest Covid-19 pandemic situation, but the moral of the story remains the same.

Be this skilled worker that every company dreams of or be this blazing company that every employee dreams of. The choice is yours.

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