Top 10 Interview Questions for Freshers

Top 10 Interview Questions for Freshers

Finding a job is hard, no question. But finding your first job might be even harder. As a fresh graduate you may be worried about how to answer interview questions professionally. Worry not, we have the ultimate guide on how to answer the most common interview questions asked from freshers.  

Let’s dive in. 

1. Tell me about yourself

As an icebreaker question, this question is asked from both experienced professionals and freshers alike. Proper preparation is key to answering. You don’t have any work experience to draw on but you can speak about your studies and how it helped to prepare you for the role. In addition, you can talk about any volunteer experience or extra-curricular activities that you did that may be relevant.  

Example Answer
I am a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Shrivenport. I have certifications in First Aid and Emergency Medicine as well. During high school, I volunteered at our local elder’s home which is when I became interested in nursing as a career. That experience was of great value to me during my studies and I believe it also helped me to become empathic and caring, which will be of use during my career.

2. What are your greatest accomplishments so far?

You can speak about any accomplishment as long as it is either relevant to your field or can showcase an important skill. Don’t just speak about your studies as that might make your answer very forgettable and make you less relatable to the interviewer.

Example Answer
During college, I completed the college triathlon in the top 7. This is a great accomplishment for me because I had neither competed in triathlons before nor was I a great athlete. But I was determined to do something that I hadn’t done before and that determination helped me to prepare for the race.

3. What are your biggest weaknesses?

As a fresher you are bound to make mistakes, but companies also like to see that you are aware of where you need help. If you are also actively working on bettering yourself, you are much more likely to get hired.

Example Answer
I have difficulty in asking for help. When I was studying, if I felt that I was overwhelmed with work, I did not ask for assistance even though sometimes I might need it. I have devised a series of questions that I ask myself when I feel overwhelmed, and if those questions show that I need to ask for help, I immediately do so.

4. What are your hobbies?

These types of questions help recruiters to learn more about your personality. This helps them to determine if you are a good fit for the job. Try talking about how your hobbies in some way will help you in your work in the future. Maybe it taught you valuable, transferable skills or maybe it is relevant to your work.

Example Answer
I have many hobbies. My primary hobbies are dancing, playing chess and football. I have found that dancing is helpful as it helps me to be aware of the minute details of every work that I do. Playing chess has allowed me to deal with stressful situations and to think ideas through in a strategic manner.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Your plans are important to companies. They need to know if you are willing to work with them for a long time or whether you have other priorities.  Most companies want to hire long-term workers so that the training they give you will be utilized for the company rather than at a competing organization.

Example Answer
In another five years, I hope that I will move to a senior executive position in the company due to contributing in a significant manner to the success of the company in my role. I hope to learn during the next five years and become a marketing professional by leveraging my skills and expertise with sufficient knowledge to manage my own team, which is a personal goal of mine. I believe that your company will help me to achieve this aim as it is also aligned with the mission of the company.

6. Why do you want to work for our company?

This is another common question asked from freshers. You need to give an answer that clearly shows your commitment to the organization and why you are eager to work with them. Research on the company before the interview is always helpful when you are answering this question. 

Example Answer
Your company has produced some of the most successful leaders in the field of communication and many have stated it is because of the training that was provided by XYX Company. I hope to be a leader in communication in the future and I believe that XYX Company will provide me with the necessary tools to get there. In addition, your company has a reputation for promoting from within, which I believe will help me to climb the ladder of success, a goal that I believe to be shared between myself and the company.

7. How do you handle stress?

High-stress situations are common in the workplace. Being able to handle stress is a key requirement and companies want to know that you are up to the task.  

Example Answer
I am great at managing stress. I find that it energizes me when I can be creative and come up with a solution to solve and manage the problem that causes stress.

8. What motivates you?

Your motivations matter. As a fresher, it doesn’t need to be a well thought up answer but needs to be one that makes you seem interesting and interests the recruiter in hiring you. 

Example Answer
I am motivated by the achievement of my goals. I always like to set a goal before each day, and I am motivated to reach that goal and feel a sense of pride in my achievement.

9. What are your salary expectations?

It is always good to research the average salary scale for both your profession, and the company you are interviewing for. However, you should also mention a range rather than a definite amount as it could exclude you from the position. 

Example Answer
As a new graduate, I am aware that I lack the knowledge to know the exact market value. Through my research, I have seen that the market value appears to be around 20,000 – 30,000. However, I am willing to negotiate.

10. Do you have any questions for me/us?

There might be things that do not get clarified at the interview or that you have not discovered in your research. Now is the time to ask those questions.  

Example Answer
Yes, I do have a few questions. What is the potential for growth within the company?

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