Denmark Resume Format

Denmark Resume Format

Do you know that Denmark's resume expectations are quite different than any other resume that you'd submit for another country? Yes, Danish recruiters keep some unique factors in mind while screening resumes to pick prospective candidates.

This article walks you through every wee bit of how to write a successful Danish resume keeping the recruiter's expectations in mind.

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How to write a good personal profile summary in a Danish CV?

A good personal profile for a Denmark resume is a combination of your professional competencies and personal traits that the job you are applying requires. This can be four to eight lines long. The purpose here is to give the recruiter initial highlights on your suitability for the job within the first few seconds. Tailor making your personal profile summary is compulsory to fit with each job that you apply for.

Now, let's analyze CV Denmark example of two personal summaries.

A Favorable Summary Statement in Denmark Resume:

Good Personal Summary Statement Danish Resume Image

Why is this a good example?

The summary here brings your relevant work experience and educational background to light. Also, it emphasizes the reason the candidate chooses Denmark.

An unfavorable Summary Statement for Denmark Resume:

Poor Personal Summary Statement Danish CV Image

Why is this a bad example?

It mainly emphasizes your career goals. Even if it's a common practice to highlight your career goals in the summary statement for many other countries, Danish recruiters don't expect this. Another reason to make the above a not favorable example is that no focus on relevant education and experience.

Should I include a photo on my Danish CV?

You can include a photo here, which is optional. However, recruiters in Denmark expect a different approach when it comes to the resume photograph. While the vast majority of other countries expect a photo seriously taken in a professional setting, in Denmark the case is different. For example, it's better to be slightly smiling in your photo to convey a friendly attitude on your job front. However, taking the photo in the hands of a professional is more vital than using a photo blandly taken from your mobile.

For example, the photo below can be ideal for a teacher in a Danish CV.

Teacher CV image

What are to include in the Personal Details section?

The interests of the Denmark employers towards the candidates are quite specific compared to the recruiters in other countries. Therefore, consider adding the following records in the Personal Details section.

  • Your name ( Use a nickname too if the name is too long and difficult to pronounce)
  • Contact details: Email and phone number are compulsory
  • Age/ Date of birth
  • Marital status
  • Current residential country
  • If offshore, your interest to relocate

How to write the Work Experience section - Denmark CV Sample?

Danish employers prefer precise, and relevant records in your resume. Here are a few tips that are good to consider when writing your Denmark resume keeping the recruiters in mind.

  • Add the company name, the city, your designation, and employment period to your employment record. If your company is not a well-known one or an overseas establishment, add a line demonstrating the nature of the company. In the latter case, it's important to add the country of the company too.
  • Include a brief list of tasks/ responsibilities you handled under each record. Here, try to make them as measurable as possible, as Denmark recruiters love numbers. Also, don't miss out on any major achievements you fulfilled in the role.
  • Make sure to include your internships, any voluntary jobs, and part-time contracts as long as they are related to what you apply for. In Denmark, every experience counts!
  • If you have any fixed-term contracts or freelancing experience, include them as well. Doing so, first include the type of employment along with the duration, and the customer, followed by a project briefing. Add two such records of your most recent, yet biggest projects where you can highlight your competencies.

Now let's look at a good record of employment for a Danish curriculum vitae / resume.

A favorable work history record image

Why is this record favorable?

  • The employer's establishment is clear.
  • The employment duration and the designation are present.
  • A precise description of the job duties and responsibilities is available.
  • A measurable achievement is present.

How to write the Academic History?

Here too, include relevant education only. You can start with your highest qualifications to the lowest including the name of the qualification, college/ university, or the awarding body, duration, and final grade if applicable.

Other top tips for a Proper Danish Resume

  • Long foreign names can be difficult for Danes to handle. If you have a difficult-to-pronounce, long name, consider using a nickname while sending your CV.
  • Keep your resume short unless your career history is inevitably long. Also, keep things short and precise.
  • Some good font faces that you can use are Times New Roman, Garamond, or Helvetica.
  • Avoid any buzzwords or cliches in your resume. You can now use our Buzzword scanner to scan your Denmark Resume for the buzzwords below.

  • Employers in Denmark seriously consider their employees to be open-minded, relaxed and to be good social fits. So, when you add soft skills, keep it in mind. You can add records such as a 'good team player to your soft skills to further the cause.
  • You can make use of your Hobbies and Interest section to give a positive signal that you resonate with Danish culture. For example, if you are into football, that will signal that you have shared interests with them.
  • Always proofread the resume, as you don't want any grammatical or structural errors to paint you as an unprofessional individual.

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