Ultimate Guide to Creating a CV for Finland

Ultimate Guide to Creating a CV for Finland

Like most European countries, Finland accepts the Europass CV. However, you may want to change things up and use unique, country-specific templates for your CV so that you can stand out.

Then check out our Finish CV guide to help you build your CV or use our resume builder to have your resume made in half the time.  

An example of what a CV in Finland should look like

Personal Contact Details

A recruiter needs to be able to get in touch with you after they read your CV. Including a contact details section helps them know different ways that they can contact you to let you know if you have been selected for the next stage.  

  • Include your name, contact number, mailing address and email address. You can also include your current role or the role you are applying for here. 
  • For a more personal touch include a link to your LinkedIn profile.  
  • A photo is optional for a Finnish CV but ensure it is a high quality, professional, smiling photo if you do include it.

Example for Contact Details


A profile is a short, two-three sentence detailing your experience, future plans and why you are a good fit for the post. This is often at the top of the CV and the first thing employers see so it is best to make it as interesting as possible.  

  • Try to include keywords in this section so you pass ATS screening.  
  • Avoid buzzwords as that can negatively impact your chances. If you are not sure whether you have buzzwords, use our buzzword finder to check if your CV is buzzword-free.  

Example for a Profile

Work Experience

Your work experience is needed to show that you have the required competency for the role you are applying for. You can make this section more interesting by mentioning specific tasks or awards that you have received while working in various organizations. Remember to use reverse-chronological format so that the progression of your career is clear (recent to oldest).  

  • Begin with your latest job role and work backwards from there.  
  • State your position/ title, organization, address of the organization (city, state, country should be sufficient) and the dates that you worked there.  
  • Add one or two points on what you have accomplished at previous workplaces: awards, key achievements etc.  
  • Try to use keywords/ action verbs suitable to your job role to strengthen your CV. If you don’t know what action verbs/ keywords to use, use our keyword finder tool to make your CV better.  

Example for Work Experience


Your education is one of the most important sections of your CV. It tells your future employers that you have the necessary training to complete the job requirements.  

  • You should clearly state the title of the degree, the awarding institution and the dates you studied in a month/year format. E.g., June 2013 – December 2016.  
  • If you are an experienced professional, you can start with your secondary education as it is not needed to add high school diplomas.  
  • You can add any additional certifications into this section as well if you want.  

Example for Education


You should include a mix of hard and soft skills in your CV in this section to show that you are competent in many areas.  

  • Try to include skills that were specifically mentioned in the job listing which you possess in this section as that will help you to pass ATS screening.  

Example for Skills

Additional Sections

If you have any additional areas to add, you should include it in this area of your CV. Below are some sections that you can add.  

  • Language Skills: If you speak both Finnish and English, you should include it in this section along with your level of competency in languages. You can use the Europass rating scale if you wish to make it clear to the hiring manager.  
  • Awards: Key awards that you have received can be included here to show that you have received recognition for your work.  

Example for Additional Sections


References are not needed in a Finnish CV unless specifically requested.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the format for a Finnish CV? 

A CV for Finland should be clear and concise. The CV should be one to two pages long, and ideally in reverse-chronological format. It should also be in a standard font such as Arial or Times New Roman at a font size between 10-12 points. Headings and bullet points should be used to ensure the readability of the CV.  

  1. Should I translate my CV into Finnish? 

If the job listing was in Finnish, absolutely. This can also demonstrate your language capability. But if the job listing was in English or from an international organization, you can send in your CV in English.  

  1. Should I proofread my CV? 

Yes, you definitely should proofread your CV to make sure it is free from mistakes. If you have translated it, you should also ask a trusted friend who is fluent in Finnish to proofread it for you as well to maintain language understanding.  

Now you can create your own Finnish CV, or if you want to try looking for a job in another European country see our guide for the Sweden CV format. Or you can head on over to our International Resume page or Career guide’s blog for more help in finding all your resume needs.