A guide to writing the best resume for a Dentist position

A guide to writing the best resume for a Dentist position

A friendly smile is the perfect way to welcome people to your offices and your resume is the toothpaste commercial smile that makes employers want to hire you. So, how do you make your resume so pearly white that you get hired? Well don’t worry, we have the guide to the best resume format for you.  

Or you can use our ATS-friendly resume format to create your resume.  

The Best Resume Format

The best resume format for any resume is of course the one that everyone uses, the reverse- chronological format. You can also use the skills-based format or the combined format if you don’t have as much work experience.  

See our resume format guide to discover which resume is best for you. 

Resume Example for a Senior Dentist

Resume Example for a New Dentist

Now let's break this down into its individual parts so you can see what works best for you.

Resume Summary/ Resume Objective

A resume summary is essential for an experienced professional. It lets potential hirers know about your career's progression in two-three sentences.   

On the other hand, a resume objective is more suitable for new dentists who have less experience. It details what your objectives are for your future, and you can also include how the company is a great fit for you.  

Work Experience

Your work experience can be helpful in ensuring that you get the job of your dreams. Mentioning key figures and accomplishments can help you to ensure that you are more likely to get selected such as the number of patients you saw in a day at your old office or any important. 

Have you heard about action verbs? These are keywords that help you pass ATS screening and are more likely to get you hired. Including them in your work experience section is always a good idea.  

Some Dental Action Verbs

  • Prescribed 
  • Treated 
  • Diagnosed 
  • Shaped 
  • Pioneered 

Want more ATS friendly words for your resume. Try our keyword finder tool.  


Whether you are a DDS or DDM, mentioning your education is important. You don’t need to mention your high school degree because you already have a college degree.  


There are certain skills that it’s essential for a dentist to have. You should include a mixture of hard and soft skills and mention any technical skills or specialties that you have knowledge of. So, mention if you have special skills like oral surgery or dental hygiene here.  

But remember you don’t want to have buzzwords in your resume. Use our buzzword finder to make sure that you don’t have any buzzwords in your resume.  


Before hiring you, your future employers need to know that you are certified to practice in the state. Your certifications could end up being the decisive factor in hiring you so make sure that you include them in your resume.  

Now that you know how to create your resume, why don’t you head over to our resume samples page for other examples of resume or our career guides blog for all handy resume tips and tricks.