Best Answers to Air Hostess Interview Questions

Best Answers to Air Hostess Interview Questions

The idea is glamourous. Get paid to fly around the world and visit exotic locations. Yes, please. Sign me up. But being a flight attendant is not easy and getting a job at an airline is even more difficult. Try our handy ideas to answer your flight attendant interview questions and soon you will be zipping around the world.  


1. Tell me about yourself

Starting with the most common interview question. Introduce yourself. However, this question is doubly important for flight attendants. Flight attendants must deal with all kinds of people and have a natural charisma. This question can not only tell your interviewer about your experience but also about the charisma that you exude and whether you would be a good fit for the airline.  

Possible Answer: I have been working in the hospitality industry for the last 6 years. Once I graduated college with a Bachelors in Tourism, I started working at small hotel restaurants and have been a part of the wait staff since. I was also promoted to Manager during my third year, and I managed to increase the quality standards of the staff so that we won a local award. However, I felt that I wanted a change and I have always loved the idea of being an air hostess, so I applied for an airline position. 

2. What do you know about the airline?

Research is an important preparation tool for any interview. By asking this question, interviewers can figure out if you really want to know about their airline or are interested in working for just about anyone. Be ready with a good list of important things about the company/airline and how that aligns with your character or future.  

Possible Answer: XYZ Airlines has been around for almost 50 years. One of the main values of the airline is service with a smile which is a value that I relate to. I believe that if you are performing any service, it should be done with a happy heart and so I was excited when I heard about the vacancy.

3. Why do you want to be a flight attendant?

A standard “I want to fly around the world” answer will not help you to get the job you want. Instead, you should come up with an answer that really showcases your passion for the profession. And remember, stories that use the S.T.A.R. method are more likely to stick in your interviewer’s mind.  

Possible Answer: When I was a little child, my parents and I had to travel by plane to visit relatives. My parents are experienced travelers, but my brother and I were stepping onto a plane for the first time. We were both excited, but we felt scared too when the plane took off. One of the flight attendants noticed that we weren’t feeling as excited and came up to us. She put us at ease by showing us around the plane and new things that we hadn’t seen before. She even let us follow behind her with the coffee cart so we could pretend to serve. I want to be a flight attendant because I want people to feel the same sense of ease on a plane that she made my brother and I feel.  

4. How would you handle a difficult passenger?

While it involves travel in the sky, flight attending is like any other customer service-oriented profession. And that means at times, you will have to deal with difficult passengers. How you handle them could mean the difference between getting the job and searching for other positions.  

Possible Answer: On a previous flight, I had a passenger who was very difficult to handle. They were refusing to put up their trays during the relevant times as they were working. I spoke to the passenger and realized that they were at the end of a major deadline at their work and therefore needed to keep working. I managed to calm the passenger down and reminded them that the regulations were there for their safety. I also managed to convince the passenger to delegate some responsibilities till after we landed so that no work would be missed. 

5. What do you believe is your greatest customer service strength?

Being great at customer service is mainly down to one factor; How do you manage to help your customer? Try to use an answer that shows how your strength helps you to help your customers.  

Possible Answer: I believe my greatest strength is my ability to be calm under pressure. Flying can be stressful for many people and tiring as well. This can lead to some unpleasantness among the passengers. By remaining calm, I can ensure that there will be no serious problems on board.  

6. Are you comfortable in a new environment?

By nature of the profession, flight attendants are always being exposed to new places.  Airlines will always seek people who can adapt to new environments easily.

Possible Answer: I believe that I can adapt easily to a new environment. As a child, I lived in a neighborhood that was at the convergence of three school districts. As a result, I attended kindergarten, junior school and high school in three different districts. Because of that, I became adaptable to new friends, and experiences and helped me adapt to different environments.  

7. Do you prefer to work in a team or alone?

Another obvious answer. As a flight attendant, you will often be a part of the team. So. a team-oriented answer is the way to go.    

Possible Answer: I love working in a team. I believe that each team member has strengths that can help other members of the team with their weaknesses, and I enjoy being a part of that process.  

8. What does excellent customer service mean to you?

Service with a smile is an excellent option for an answer. But it also should be something that relates to the interviewer as well.  

Possible Answer: For me excellent customer service is to see everyone walk away with a smile. If I see people who are not happy or who are tired, I know that I haven’t done well enough to attend to their every need and need to be better in my job.   

9. Have you ever had to balance multiple high-priority tasks? How did you handle it?

Flight attendants juggle many different tasks at the same time. Even if you don’t have experience with multitasking, you should imagine a scenario where you need to and format your answer from there.  

Possible Answer: Yes, I have had to balance multiple tasks at the same time. The key to getting through it was to maintain a grip on each task at the same time. For instance, in a case where you are getting requests from the assistance button, you can also ensure that you check in on other passengers' needs for 5 seconds along the way so that each passenger feels that they have received personalized attention. However, you still need to ensure that you reach the passenger in need in the shortest possible time.  

10. What are your expectations from the airline?

The dreaded, “What are your plans for the next five years” question. It is tricky to answer no matter what. The best way to answer these questions is to have a clear answer about what exactly you require from the airline in the next few years.  

Possible Answer: I expect the airline will allow me to develop my skills as a flight attendant. I hope to one day rise in the ranks to be considered as head of the cabin crew and I believe this airline will be the best to help me achieve my goals.  

Other common questions

  • What languages do you speak? 
  • How would you handle a medical emergency on a flight? 
  • Why do you want to work at this airline? 
  • For you, what is the most important part of the job? 
  • How do you stay updated on industry advances? 

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