It is no surprise that job seeking and head hunting has become competitive today. With the growing trends of markets, the opportunities lay ahead of them, the skills required and the potential skill sets available, the companies are now beginning to use different HR and management strategies to ensure that they hunt the right candidates. One they have already used is the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) system which eases the CV picking process. This is not the only one. There are many more. That’s where writing a perfect resume matters and why you must know how to write a perfect resume. Alright, after all, how to write a perfect resume then? Keep on reading. We will unveil the top secrets to writing a perfect resume below.

Well, let’s straightaway come down to finding the top factors that you need to consider in writing the resume.

First advice to follow before starting to write the perfect resume

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you should not right away start writing the perfect professional resume without a clear idea. Rather, we suggest you ask two questions yourself. That’s "What is the position I’m going to apply for?" and, "What makes my resume stand out?" And try to have a simple mapping on your mind as to how to align your resume and make standout with your summary, achievements, and skills sets to the position that you are applying for.

Alright. You are now ready to catch the next factors. Below are them

Keywords is a must on your professional resume

how to write a perfect resume- keywords

Keywords and key phrases are the backbone of every great resume. Therefore, start by selecting job-specific keywords that are important to be added to your resume. Be it your previous work experience, qualifications, and skills to put on resumes, or even the cover letter, you've got to use keywords in order to expect high results. However, you need to make sure that you use the industry-specific keywords rather than the resume buzzwords or over-generalized keywords that may lessen the value. If you do this right, the chances of going through an applicant tracking system is not actually difficult.

Build up your professional resume

Modify your resume to the position you are trying to chase. Do not mention all your roles at your previous job in the work history tab of your resume. Too many job seekers construct a resume that is trying to impress an employer by saying "look at all the duties I had!" This is a common resume error. They don’t mind about those that won’t help them. Instead, list the duties from your job experience that are most relevant to the role you are attempting to obtain for an effective professional resume. Then it is easier to select achievements and accomplishments that are linked and list those. These are all the actual job requirements, and that is what an employer cares about.

Add list accomplishments and contributions to resume format

Employers want to see what you can do for them, what you are going to bring to the table with value-added service or skill set. So, list down accomplishments and contributions and add them to your resume format not just only duties. When they review a resume, they want to know what you really achieved in your last job position and how it translates into their business needs. Choose the achievements that are unique to the work position that you are applying for.

Demonstrate your role

Market your experience, talents, and skills. Headhunters or Human Resource Managers always say the most important thing is the first one-third of a resume. If their eyes catch the top one-third of the page, then they would take the time to read the rest. You can make your resume stand out by developing a powerful career overview at the top and then adding a core strengths section right below.

Design a persuasive opening summary

Professional summary on a perfect resume

Build a strong summary statement for introduction. It is important to relate your introductory statement to the role you want to obtain, sell your best attributes, and be strong. They wish to look for the ‘WOW’ factor when they read an introductory statement. They want their attention to be strained, to convince them that you are the best choice for their job, and to make them want to read the rest of your resume. Do not only make a resume logical statement if they have not been clear enough already. Keep in mind you need to answer what the employer wants and needs, not just what you want from them.

Keep your resume eye catching

Build a resume that is eye-catching. There is no excuse for you for not using/having a modern resume format that is visually enticing. Mind it that even with the simple tools or programmes like Microsoft Word, formatting matters. Therefore in order to be reader-friendly and eye-catching, you will need to pay extra attention on designing your resume format/layout. Also remember to select a font that is easy to read and use plenty of white space. Do not attempt to load a one-page resume with everything. Because if it is, the manager or a senior opens the resume, they will not spend any of their time looking through it to find the data they need if it is a crowded, jumbled mess. A messy resume is probably going to be the end of their interest in recruiting you. However, if the structure, style, resume fonts and sizes, and layout/format of your resume are attractive and simple to read, they would be more likely to read through the rest of the document and learn about your job experience, accomplishments, and skill set. However, pay an extra care when you try to add colors to your resume as a wrong color selection may bring a bad impression on you. Therefore, getting an understanding of the best colors to use on resumes is highly recommended.

You may be one who has been seeking a perfect resume for freshers or for a professional job shift, new job or any. But whoever, you may be, we believe that you have got a fine idea about how to write a perfect professional resume now. To see perfect resume examples 2021 and how they have been shaped with these resume writing tips in our work, look at our website’s resume samples.

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